Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

“ Make it a better life.”

A safe supportive space where the client and the therapist can work together one on one.

Individual Therapy provides an open, confidential space for the therapist and the client to help the client discover themselves and process any thoughts or feelings they might be having. It is a safe, client driven space focused helping the client accomplish any goals they have set forth. At Tea Time Therapy, we utilize a multi- disciplinary approach to fully understand our clients and their needs.

When To Come In For Individual Therapy

There is no “right” time for therapy. It is a safe space for a client to come explore themselves or learn how to take control of their life again. It is important to understand that therapy will not provide results overnight however, the therapists at Tea Time Therapy will work with you throughout the therapy process.

How Can Individual Therapy Help?

Individual therapy is a space for a client to come and explore their thoughts and actions. It is a client driven area focused on helping you feel heard and accepted. At Tea Time Therapy, your needs are at the forefront of our sessions.

Female psychotherapist consulting mature man during therapy session

Individual Therapy services

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