Therapy is a safe and confidential space, where a therapist and client meet to discuss the clients presenting problems and explore themselves. It involves developing a healthy relationship where a client feels comfortable facing their past trauma and feelings. Psychotherapists are trained individuals who help guide clients through their past experiences in order to process their feelings and develop a better understanding of themselves. A psychotherapist is not there to give advice, but to help facilitate the process so clients can find unique solutions to their problems.  

Yes, we absolutely provide a 15 minute phone call. We believe that for therapy to actually work the therapist and client have to be compatible.

 You can get started by calling (437) 370- 4076 or by booking directly through the Jane App: Click Here

The length of the therapeutic journey is difficult to predict as each person is different with unique goals and problems. Typically, a session lasts 50 minutes. In the beginning, weekly sessions are recommended to help you understand the process and develop your goals. However, some clients do request bi-weekly appointments. It all depends on a few factors, including time, the severity of the issue, the urgency of the issue, the recency of the issue, and of course your budget.

Payment is processed through e-transfer. Individual therapy sessions cost $125 (+HST) and Couples and Family therapy sessions are $160(+HST). 

At Tea Time Therapy, we recognize that things might come up which is why, we make it easy to reschedule appointments through the Jane App. Just go to your appointment in Jane and you will have the option to change the time and date of your session. We require 24 hours notice for appointment cancellations as these sessions are booked off just for you. Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours in advance and no shows, are subject to the full fee .  You can also notify us of cancellations via email at : admin@teatimetherapy.ca or phone: (437) 370-4076

At this time, psychotherapy is NOT covered by government health care (i.e. OHIP). 
Extended Care
Private insurance through work or school might cover mental health and psychotherapy. Please check with your insurance provider as to whether you have coverage. 

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to provide direct billing. For the time being, after you pay for your session you will receive your receipt automatically in your email, which you can submit while making a claim with your insurance company. The vast majority of our clients have found this process to be quite simple.